Approved Building Control Inspectors for Hammersmith and Fulham

London Building Control Ltd can be used as the building control body for all commercial and residential building control in Hammersmith and Fulham, approved to do so by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Flats, Shops, Offices, Industrial units, Educational and Health Care buildings and residential building works all require commercial building control. LBC as a Corporate Approved Inspector will be able to establish whether building control approval will be required for your particular project.

The Approved Inspector Building Control Process is set out in The Building Control Process.

We are approved building control inspectors for all these Greater and Central London local authorities, including Hammersmith and Fulham


LBC provides a Building Control service to both companies and the general public in Hammersmith and Fulham(home-owners, agents, architects and builders).

You can choose whether to use Hammersmith and Fulham Local Authority Building Control or London Building Control Ltd.

The Building Regulations apply to most building work, therefore it is important to know when approval is needed.


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If you decide to use your Local Authority you can find links here to your correct Local Authority building control department

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