Building Control FAQ's

1.     What is an Approved Inspector?

AI’s are an alternative to Local Authority building control. Today, both AI’s and LA building control are called ‘building control bodies’ – you can now choose which BCB you wish to use.

2.     What’s the difference between an AI and LA building control?

LBC, as an AI, can work anywhere in England and Wales; this means we can offer you a standard approach no matter where you are, with the same surveyors for all your projects. LBC can certify all types of building work except that already carried out or commenced (which only LA’s can approve).

3.     Who certifies the AI?

AI’s are approved by the CICAIR on behalf of the Secretary of State and, unlike LA’s, are re-assessed every 5 years to ensure competency of our service.

4.     Can AI’s approve planning?

No, at present only LA’s can do this.

5.     Can LBC do lofts or domestic extensions or just work?

LBC can approve all types of building work, both domestic and commercial.

6.     What about work that has already been done?

AI’s cannot approve work that has already been commenced – this can only be done by the LA.

7.     What about contraventions?

Only an LA has enforcement powers; this means that if the project is not completed to the satisfaction of the AI, the council is informed and the site reverts to them to carry out enforcement as necessary.

8.     Can LBC approve new houses and flats?

Yes, Previous restrictions requiring a linked warranty to be in place with these developments have now been revoked.

9.     Who deals with the LA?

LBC notifies the council both before and at the end of the works. This is then recorded at the LA for future Land Searches and Enquiries such as during sales.

10.     Who pays the LA?

The AI is paid the fee. No fee is given to the council as they are not the building control authority for AI projects and their inspectors should not enter an AI’s site. (On rare occasions, such as where large/tall buildings in London fall under ‘section 20’, a fee for that section may be required by the LA).

11.     What is the LBC fee?

Our fee is usually similar to the LA’s, depending upon the project.We tend to charge a little more for smaller projects, but this is often more than made up for by our quick response to handling your enquiries and needs on site.

12.     Why haven’t we heard about AI’s or LBC before?

Most AI’s work on larger commercial projects. As well as developing our commercial wing, LBC has been establishing a place in the market for smaller domestic work over the last few years.

13.     Why ‘London’ BC?

The company was formed with London as the focus for our work with the majority of our surveyors and offices serving this area, however with our continued success we now operate well beyond and can work anywhere in England and Wales.

14.     Are you insured?

LBC is insured under a Government controlled approved inspector scheme