London Building Control Ltd is a Corporate Approved Inspector.

How it all began

London Building Control Ltd, is a Corporate Approved Inspector and was incorporated as a company in 2006 to focus on building work in London.

Since we began the company has grown considerably and now operates across the UK from the south coast to the north of England, with offices in London, Manchester, Welwyn Garden City, Chichester and Exeter.

Who we are

Our team consists of qualified, professional surveyors, engineers and other construction consultants with many years of experience. We have grown from a small team in 2006, to now being considered as one of the larger approved inspectors with multiple offices throughout the country.

We are here to meet the specific needs of our clients for both commercial and residential sectors.  We offer a professional service, fast and efficient, as an alternative to those traditionally provided by Local Authority Building Control.

What we offer

As an Approved Inspector, it is not our duty to act as a site agent (overseeing the contractor throughout the duration of the work) nor to act as a consultant, but rather to carry out periodic inspections of the work to ensure that, as far as can be reasonably ascertained, the work complies with the Building Regulations. Therefore, clients are strongly advised to employ their own architect, agent or consultant to oversee the work on their behalf.


“Although the building control process in itself does not guarantee 100% compliant buildings the test of effective building control is its success in helping to achieve reasonable standards of health, safety, energy efficiency, accessibility and sustainability for building users. Building control does not remove the obligation of the person carrying out the work to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations, so the construction industry has an enormous part to play. It is difficult to measure in precise terms the success of building control in helping the industry achieve compliance. However, all Building Control Bodies should undertake some form of qualitative analysis of their performance against a set of performance indicators as a basis for continuous improvement”
Building Control performance Standards, DCLG, 2017