LBC Ltd Performance Standards Policy

LBC Ltd have committed by way of our Performance Standard Policy indicated below to support the recommended Standards for the performance of building control. LBC Ltd as a Corporate Approved Inspector will undertake a qualitative analysis of our building control service as a basis for our continuous improvement, which will follow the standards and guidance for Building Control, and benchmarked against the 4 Performance Indicators designed to assist the process.

“The building control process in itself does not guarantee 100% compliant buildings the acid test of effective building control is its success in helping to achieve reasonable standards of health & safety, energy conservation, accessibility and sustainability for building users” – Building Control performance Standards, DCLG, 2006.

1. Policy, performance and management systems


LBC Ltd shall create and publish a business policy. This shall provide for a building control service to:

  • Support customers
  • Meet legal obligations in achieving compliance
  • Comply with respective codes of conduct set out in the guidance
  • Comply with the current Building Control Performance Standards for England and Wales
Note: Please click on the link to view our full commitment to the
London Building Control Business Policy Document.

To enable maximum effectiveness in achieving compliance of the building work.

LBC Ltd has a formal documented Quality Management System, which, inter alia, provides for:

  • Collection of evidence related to its performance in terms of service delivery;
  • Measurement and monitoring of compliance or non-compliance of building work with the Building Regulations;
  • Demonstration that Standards are being addressed and form an integral part of such management system;
  • Annual review and analysis of performance to inform programmes for continuous improvement in service delivery and compliance with Building Regulations;
  • The sharing of information and lessons learned which would be of benefit to other Building Control Bodies in recognising general areas of difficulty (or failure) in achieving compliance; and
  • Annual reporting in accordance with the current Building Control Performance Indicators system.


2. Resources


LBC Ltd deploys sufficient experienced and qualified staff, with competencies appropriate to the type of building control work undertaken and shall ensure that suitable arrangements exist for Continuing Professional Development and in-service training of its technical staff.

LBC Ltd allocate sufficient resources to discharge its duties, having regard to its current and future workload, complexity and location of work, and changes in Building Regulations, Approved Documents and other recognised guidance.


3. Consultation


LBC Ltd will undertake all statutory consultations in a timely manner and the observations of consultees will be communicated to clients. We will also consider the benefit of undertaking additional consultation.


4. Pre-application contact and provision of advice


LBC Ltd will have arrangements in place for contact with those proposing or carrying out building work before a formal application is received where this is requested or would be beneficial to the functioning of the building control process.

LBC Ltd will establish a single point of contact to deal with both procedural and technical building control enquiries on individual projects. This shall be supported by team working within the LBC Ltd to ensure continuity throughout the construction project.


5. Assessment of plans


Where assessment of plans is undertaken, clear information will be communicated to the client in writing regarding:

  • Compliance and non-compliance with the Building Regulations
  • Views of statutory consultees
  • Conditions pertaining to the approval or passing of plans
  • Remedies available in the event of a dispute over compliance.

Records of the plans assessment process: records shall be kept of the design assessment philosophy, and/or discretionary consultations, for future reference and continuity of control.


6. Site inspection


Site inspection regime: LBC Ltd provides a site inspection plan matched to client and project needs.

Site inspection records: records of each inspection will be maintained. Records will identify the work inspected and any non-compliance. Where plans are not available for the work, these records will be more detailed.

Contraventions: details of non-compliant work (contraventions) will be communicated promptly and clearly to the responsible person, identifying the contravention(s) and indicating any measure(s) believed to be necessary. Any mechanisms for appealing against or disputing a decision will be clearly made known to the responsible person.

Notification of consultees: During the inspection phase, LBC Ltd will ensure that all statutory consultees are notified of any significant departures from plans.


7. Communications and records


LBC Ltd will communicate with clients, consultees and others in writing.

All records relating to the building control service provided to individual projects is stored in a retrievable format electronically for a minimum period of 15 years. Arrangements shall be made for their transfer into safe keeping in the event of a Building Control Body ceasing trading.


8. Business and professional ethics


LBC Ltd and their professional consultants used in support shall observe best practice professional standards and business ethics expected of service providers. No Building Control Body shall attempt to supplant a competitor, or win work, on the basis of interpretation of the Building Regulations.

The principle of the building control function being clearly independent shall not be compromised when delivering any design and/or support services.


9. Complaints procedure


LBC Ltd publishes and maintains an appropriate complaints procedure. If a person is dissatisfied with the Building Control service they receive they can complain to the provider in a manner that can be independently audited.