This is a quick update on a number of key changes to the building control process including that for higher-risk buildings (HRBs) and wider changes to procedural building regulations introduced in England. ​


Approved Inspectors to be known as ‘Registered Building Control Approvers’

We have now registered with the BSR to be become a Registered Building Control Approvers which is necessary prior to the 6 April 2024. This means we can continue to operate and perform our building control function overseeing building work. The current registration system operated on behalf of the Secretary of State by the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR) will cease to operate and the BSR will control this registration process.


Registered Building Inspectors

A new registration process has been established for individuals who wish to work as or become Registered Building Inspectors (RBIs). ​ To continue to work in the Building Control profession individuals must register by 6th April 2024, to continue functions and activities. The Class of registration will also govern the project they are able to work on.​ The registration period for registered building inspectors is four years, and they will need to re-register after this period. ​ The registration process includes a Code of Conduct and adherence to the Building Inspectors Competence Framework. ​London Building Control inspectors have registered so that they are able to continue to operate.



The new building control process applies to multi-occupied residential buildings, hospitals, and care homes that are at least 18 meters in height or have at least 7 storeys and the Building Safety Regulator is now the building control authority for higher-risk buildings. ​​Transitional arrangements are in place for building work that has already been notified to Building Control Body before the 1st October 2023. ​If in-scope building work overseen by a Building Control Body has not sufficiently progressed by 6th  April 2024, it will transfer to the jurisdiction of the Regulator.